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The Atlantic July 29, 2014
Assistant professor Liz Brown discusses the difficulties of leaving a career in law. Brown's book, "Life After Law," is also highlighted. 
WBUR Radio July 25, 2014
Associate Marketing Professor Andy Aylesworth appears on WBUR Here and Now to discuss Market Basket's lack of an internet presence.
CBS Boston July 25, 2014
Philosophy Department Chair Jeff Moriarty provides his input about the Market Basket strike on the WBZ Newsroom radio show.
MarketPlace July 24, 2014
The Graduation Pledge Alliance (GPA) is currently part of the Bentley Service-Learning Center's outlook on millennials entering the workforce.
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Yahoo! July 24, 2014
Jane Fedorowicz, Accounting and Information Systems professor, explains the pay off potential for workers with a highly sought after
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July 23, 2014
Bentley's Geraldine “Gerri” S. Taylor was one of three college health professionals from across the nation selected as ACHA Fellows by the American College Health Association (ACHA). She was noted for nearly three decades of leadership and...
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July 23, 2014
As the Class of 2014 enters the workforce, they’re looking for more than a paycheck and the corner office. Social and environmental responsibility tops their professional wish list, as graduates at hundreds of campuses across the globe sign the...
WBUR Radio July 23, 2014
Marketing Professor Andy Aylesworth offers his input about Market Basket's lack of an official website. 
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Bloomberg Radio July 23, 2014
President Gloria Larson joins Bloomberg Radio's Taking Stock program to discuss the bid to bring the 2024 Olympics to Boston and the role colleges and universities would play. 
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WGBH July 22, 2014
Senior Marketing Lecturer and Director of the Center for Marketing Technology, Ian Cross, appears on Greater Boston to discuss the marketing fallout from Market Basket's employee p
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