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Belmont Patch February 21, 2012

Bentley University senior, Robert Paul Reardon Jr., announces that he has taken out papers to run for State Representative Office. 

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ITProPortal February 21, 2012

Professor Richard Cleary comments on the growing demand for math skills.

National Review Online February 20, 2012

Economics Professor Scott Sumner is highlighted for his widely debated theory concerning nominal GDP.

TOPICS: Media Coverage February 18, 2012

In a blog post written by Bentley student Lacey Nemergut, Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Services Janet Ehl and Director of Bentley’s

BostInno February 18, 2012

Bentley student Melissa Reohr - @Smelissareohr  -is highlighted as one of the area's top students on twitter.

WGBH February 17, 2012

Bentley President Gloria Larson comments on MIT President Susan Hockfield's decision to step down from her role. Larson describes Hockfield as her mentor and inspiration.

February 17, 2012

Bentley sophomore Paul Cheek, and 2011 graduates Vikram Chabra and Monil Kothari were recognized for co-founding Luvn’ Local, a technology-driven loyalty platform that networks small, locally owned businesses and rewards customers for their support. 

New York Times February 16, 2012

The New York Times India Ink blog features Senior Associate Director for International Admissions Karen Karidoyanes and Director of the

February 16, 2012

Four Bentley University professors received the university’s 2011 Innovation in Teaching awards: Lynn Arenella, Mike Frank, James Pepe, and David Szymanski.

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BostInno February 15, 2012

After a terrible experience becoming a certified real estate agent through online videos Bentley graduate, Jeff Weiss, decided he could build a better program.