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September 8, 2010

Michael J. Page, BSc (Eng), MBA, PhD, has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to be the next Provost of Bentley University.

September 8, 2010

Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics: Marketing Professor Rajendra S. Sisodia discusses the new way of thinking for business leaders in

September 8, 2010

As young people face daunting personal and professional financial challenges including college loans, employee benefits, budgeting, and investing for the future, Bentley University is providing incoming freshmen with tools to find effective financ

September 7, 2010

The National Science Foundation awarded Bentley University a three-year grant totaling $376,471 on behalf of Professor M.

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August 26, 2010

Bentley University faculty member Dipayan Biswas received an award from the American Marketing Association (AMA) at their Annual Summer Marketing Educators' Conference held August 13 to 16, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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August 23, 2010

National Public Radio (WABE-FM, Atlanta, GA): Professor of Law Steve Weisman discusses Baby Boomers reaching retirement age and whether social security will serve them adequately in

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Moneycontrol August 22, 2010 (India): Professor of Marketing Raj Sisodia discusses the importance of businesses working for th

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August 21, 2010 Dean of Arts & Sciences Dan Everett is interviewed by in

August 16, 2010

Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany): Newly appointed Dean of Arts and Sciences Dan Everett is recognized for his vast study and analysis of