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by Public and Media Relations

Faculty and other members of the campus community continue to provide insightful analysis and thoughtful commentary for print, broadcast and online media.

by Eileen McCluskey

It was no walk in the park.

by Maura King Scully

After two decades as a Fortune 500 executive, Sue Burton '89 made a leap: The funny professional turned professionally funny. A new portfolio career as a fun-trepreneur™ (her trademarked term) combines stand-up comedy and business consulting.

by Paul Clemente '78 MSA, Vice President for Business and Finance, and Treasurer

FY 2008 was a transitional year for Bentley in terms of facilities and finances. The year ended with an operating surplus, but the results revealed sighs of the worldwide financial crisis that would follow in FY 2009.

by Jennifer A. Spira

Coralee Whitcomb ’83 MSCIS has spent six years as the heart of academic honesty at Bentley. At Faculty Senate meetings, she is the unabashed cheerleader for integrity.



Tara Brennan MST ’08 to Gregory Howe ’03, MSA ’03 on March 5, 2011.

by Kyle Mack

It’s not often that a college football team has the same quarterback for several years running.

TOPICS: Athletics
by Kristen L. Walsh

Wonderful mentor. Great listener. Gentle spirit. Colleagues and students describe former VP Kathleen Yorkis in terms typically reserved for a parent or close friend — roles she played often during her 25 years at the university.

by Kristen L. Walsh

When Wei Guo packed for the 10-plus-hour flight from China to Bentley, he brought along some reminders of home. At U.S. Customs he was pressed to explain the “suspicious” jars of pickles and bags of seasoning in his suitcase.

by Kristen L. Walsh

The Arts and Lectures program is striking a chord on campus, with offerings so varied that even those who can’t carry a tune are taking note.