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VOX October 14, 2014
Professor of economics, Scott Sumner, is working to set up a new market based in New Zealand to let people bet on the future...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
October 14, 2014
Bentley University and Brandeis University  joined forces with local agencies to unveil a new community center at the city...
Boston Globe October 11, 2014
Professor Mike Tesler comments on Target's strategy for setting up its new Fenway location.
TOPICS: Media Coverage
USA Today October 11, 2014
Professor Steve Weisman authors this piece about cybersecurity awareness.
New England Cable News October 10, 2014
Governor Deval Patrick speaks at Bentley to discuss equality for women in the workplace.
WCVB -TV October 10, 2014
The Women in the Workplace Initiative is highlighted through an event on the Bentley University campus featuring Governor...
New England Cable News October 10, 2014
The Center for Women and Business is teaming up with major industry partners and the governor’s office to create gender...
CBS Boston October 10, 2014
Bentley University is highlighted for its work towards the advancement of women in the workplace.
Associated Press October 10, 2014
Bentley’s partnership with the governor’s office on the “Successful Women, Successful Families” task force is highlighted by...
Boston Globe October 10, 2014
Governor Patrick has partnered with Bentley's Center for Women and Business to issue a corporate challenge to Massachusetts...