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Research Mentors

Mentor Volunteers and Preferences

One of the goals of Bentley’s Research Committee is to improve the publication potential of Bentley’s faculty. Helpful research advice is often given by colleagues within a department. However, faculty in other departments may also have knowledge of theories or methods that could be useful in a project. In those situations, we may not be aware of this shared expertise, or may hesitate to ask help of someone we do not know. To facilitate communication among faculty who share research interests, the Research Committee has prepared a list of senior faculty who have indicated they are willing to serve as research mentors, along with the specific areas in which they can contribute to projects.

The Research Committee is running this program on an “experimental” basis for the current year, targeting untenured faculty for the time being. (At the end of the academic year, we will assess the experience of those seeking and giving advice. If the program is running well, we will open it up to all faculty next year.) So, untenured faculty, please look through the list and get in touch with any of the potential mentors who might be a good fit with your needs. Discussion can then proceed between you and your potential mentor as to whether there is a good match of needs and skills.
On behalf of the Research Committee,
Linda Edelman,

Mohammad (Ali) Abdolmohammadi

I have performed research mostly in behavioral auditing, but also on ethics as well as some empirical work in recent years. Some of my research is interdisciplinary in nature. Thus, I have experience in a variety of research methods and topics and can comment from experience on the dos and don'ts of various methods.

Jean C. Bedard

I am most interested in helping to generate research ideas at the intersection of disciplines, and in helping to get existing papers through the review process. In my own research, I have used a variety of methods, including: decision process tracing (verbal protocol analysis and computerized information search), experimental, and archival/empirical. Thus, I can provide support in a broad array of research topics and areas.

Pierre Berthon

"How do you know what you think, until you’ve seen what you’ve said?” So come and talk

Susan Dobscha

I am interested in research topics related to gender and feminism in marketing and consumer behavior as well as consumer resistance and brand advocacy. I would be willing to read drafts of papers, help with formulating ideas and translating them into research-worthy topics, and provide assistance with issues surrounding qualitative methodology.

Linda Edelman

I am happy to help researchers move existing papers through the review process. I have used both qualitative and quantitative methods in my scholarship and have extensively reviewed both types of papers.  I have also worked on a number of difficult revisions; hence I can provide support across the research process.

Jane Fedorowicz

I offer to help new faculty determine the best strategies for creating a cohesive research stream; conduct, finish and publish research in journals appropriate to their research area; and participate in personally valuable service to the profession. My own research tends to be transdisciplinary, although I would be most helpful to faculty in subject areas in some way related to information systems (such as accounting information systems, e-government or business processes). My methodology experience is fairly broad.

Bob Frederick

I am interested in helping in research related to ethics/applied ethics/corporate social responsibility and related fields.

Janis Gogan

I am happy to help researchers who want to do qualitative or mixed-methods research in the field. My own research interests include inter-organizational collaboration, decision-making under time pressure, clinical and public-health IT (especially those involving urgent clinical care or rapid coordination) and electronic commerce strategies. Sometimes I start a field study by conducting interviews that lead quickly to a teaching case and later to journal publications, and I can be especially helpful to people who want to try that path to publication. I can also help people interpret their revise/resubmit letters and avoid putting them in a dark drawer!

Dominique Haughton

I am very willing to help researchers in particular who might benefit from the use of improved statistical techniques to get a competitive advantage in their publications. Areas of applications where I have experience include the analysis of international data, including the analysis of living standards data and studies of the digital divide, database marketing, and social networks. **Jim Hunton** I am willing to help faculty members in generating research ideas, designing experimental studies and analyzing experimental results. My research interests are quite eclectic, mainly encompassing the areas of accounting, information systems, organizational behavior and psychology; although, I find many other disciplines intriguing as well. I look forward to meeting you and bouncing ideas off the wall!

Fred Ledley

I am willing to help anyone interested in issues of product development from emerging technologies. While my expertise is primarily in biology and medicine, I also have experience in nanotechnology and informatics. My primary interest is the process by which science and technology are translated to practical applications, a process that may begin with technical research, but must also address issues such as intellectual property protection, process and quality standards, ethics, regulation, and public policy as well as the challenges of building and sustaining a successful business.

Lynne Markus

I am interested in helping with academic career planning, publication strategy planning, reviewing journal papers prior to submission, and coaching on the writing of self-statements for promotion packages.

Sue Newell

I am happy to help with formulating ideas, getting a paper ready for submission to a journal/conference, or working through the revise and resubmit process. My main research background is in qualitative methods so I would prefer to work with faculty with this orientation. However, I have used mixed methods and could work on this kind of paper as well. Kartik Raman I can help by brainstorming ideas related to or at the intersection of financial economics and accounting. I can also assist in the publication review process by providing comments on working papers.

Amy Ray

I am happy to help with organizing research ideas, brainstorming on ways to conduct research in a particular area, picking journals for a paper, responding to reviewers on revisions of papers and writing reviews on others’ papers. My primary research area is information security, especially with regard to emergent use of technologies. I am also interested in inter-organizational information sharing, particularly in healthcare, and ethical use of computers, but am happy to be a sounding board on research ideas beyond these subject areas.

Jay Thibodeau

I am most interested in helping to generate research ideas in auditing, with a particular emphasis on the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. I enjoy the examination of scholarly issues that originate from the cognitive, developmental and education psychology literature.  I believe that I can be of assistance throughout the research process and always welcome the opportunity to think and talk about a project’s implications to practice.