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Research Resources

Bentley University vigorously pursues external funding opportunities to help advance applied research, curriculum development, and academic programming. Funding sources include gifts and grants from corporations, professional associations and charitable foundations, state and federal governmental grants and contracts, and contributions from individual donors. Moreover, through institutional funds, Bentley offers support for a variety of research and teaching-related activities undertaken by faculty members.

Foundation Support

Bentley has a long history of securing foundation gifts and grants for teaching and learning initiatives, research, technology projects and more. Past and current support comes from the foundation arms of companies and organizations, as well as from private foundations often established by individuals and families. Contact Paul Carberry, Director of Foundations Relations, at 781.891.2009.

Government Grants and Contracts

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides leadership and administrative support in the development and submission of proposals for grants and contracts to governmental agencies. Proposals may support research, curriculum development, instruction, service and other projects and programs. Contact Susan Richman, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, at 781.891.2660.

Academic Technology Center

The Academic Technology Center's mission is to further Bentley's leadership in and focus on the integration of business and technology. They enrich scholarly initiatives and student learning by empowering faculty with state-of-the art academic, information and communication resources.

The Bentley Library

The Bentley Library houses a comprehensive collection of print and online resources focusing on the intersection of business and the liberal arts. The collection currently contains 154,000 volumes, 700 current periodical subscriptions, 500 audiobooks and 8,000 popular and faculty teaching videos. Online resources for research and scholarship include more than 80 research databases linked to 35,000 journals, allowing our community 24/7 access to a wealth of information.

Academic Accreditation Services

The grants page of the Academic Accreditation Services site is the central source of information for faculty regarding various internal funding opportunities and awards.

Corporate Support and Partnerships

The  Office of Corporate Relations works with faculty to secure gifts and grants for research projects, curricular initiatives and academic programming from regional and national corporations. The office can also help you explore potential corporate partnerships that could include research collaboration, internships, visiting executives and more. Contact Anna Biller, Director of Corporate Relations, at 781.891.2254.

Institutional Review Board

Our Institutional Review Board provides faculty, staff and students with timely service, support and assistance in ensuring the ethical conduct of all research involving human subjects and promoting the safety, rights and welfare of all participants in our research projects. Contact Bill Wiggins, IRB chair, at 781.891.2249 ( or Susan Richman, IRB administrator, at 781.891.2660 (

Research Centers

Four important multidisciplinary research centers exemplify Bentley's integrated approach to research:

Bentley faculty have a long history of pursuing rigorous research agendas

  • To advance the creation and integration of knowledge across both business and the arts and sciences,
  • To improve and inform business practice, and
  • To foster curricular innovation.

Our scholars are recognized as thought leaders within their respective disciplines. As a business university, we have always recognized the importance of reaching beyond the traditional, functional silos of business. Bentley’s unique legacy of promoting collaboration within and across disciplines also allows our faculty to create the trans-disciplinary knowledge needed in today’s global environment. Research at Bentley increasingly resides within three integrating domains focusing on critical dimensions of the role and impact of Value for both business and broader society.

Taking advantage of their disciplinary training and their trans-disciplinary perspectives, our scholars ask and answer important questions about how value affects the dynamic relationship between business and society. The valuation domain brings together a community of scholars primarily concerned with the measurement of value building on our historical strength in accounting and finance. Central to research in the value domain at Bentley is our reputation for scholarship in information technology and communication. Within the values domain, our academics address the critical issues related to the means by which and for whom value is created.