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Choosing Your Path

With our 23 majors, 35 minors and two optional second major programs, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from here.

You may not know what you want to study (most of our new students don’t, either), or you may have had your dream career planned since kindergarten. Either way, we’ve got a plan to help you succeed.

Academic Advisers

While your General Business Core courses will play a key role in your major selection, an equally important element is your partnership with your academic adviser. During your first week on campus, we’ll pair you with a faculty adviser who can answer your questions and offer guidance. Once you declare your major by the end of your sophomore year, you’ll be matched with a new faculty adviser within your academic program to help you as you begin your more focused, specialized studies. 

Optional Second Majors

Whether you are pursuing a primary business or liberal arts degree, our two optional second major programs allow you to take advantage of the best of both worlds — no extra courses required.

Our optional second major programs include: 

Liberal Studies Major

Designed for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, the Liberal Studies major offers you a rich array of arts and sciences courses to complement your business education. It includes seven distinct concentrations:

Business Studies Major

Introduced in fall 2012, the Business Studies major is for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. This comprehensive major allows you to develop your skills in a specific area of focus and broadens the benefits of your arts and sciences degree. 


Our 35 minors allow you to develop expertise in a second area of study; popular options include information technology, languages and the social sciences. A minor comprises at least four courses. Business majors can minor in the arts and sciences, an interdisciplinary area, or a business topic in a different department. Arts and sciences majors can choose from an array of business minors and interdisciplinary topics.

Minor Programs

Actuarial Sciences
Business Economics
Business Studies (BA students only)
Computer Information Systems
Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability
English and Media Studies
Entrepreneurial Studies
Gender Studies
Global Management
Global Studies
Health and Industry
Human Resources Management
Information and Process Management
Information Design and Corporate Communication
International Economics
Mathematical Sciences
Modern Languages
Natural and Applied Sciences
Nonprofit Organizations
Public Policy
Sociology of Diversity and (in)Equality
Sports Management
Supply Chain/Operations Management
Workplace Studies