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Computer Information Systems Faculty

Mark Frydenberg, Senior Lecturer, Computer Information SystemsMark Frydenberg
Senior Lecturer, Computer Information Systems

What do you teach?
I teach Information Technology and Computer Information System Concepts, primarily with Honors students. I also recently introduced a new course, Web Technologies and Trends, which focuses on the latest web technologies and how companies use them.

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?
I’m fortunate to teach at Bentley for many reasons: I get to work with great students, explore all kinds of new technology, and share my excitement about what I learn with the students in my classes.

What is your teaching style?
I strive to create an environment in the classroom that engages students in using new technology, gives them the opportunity to discover new ideas and relationships, and allows them to learn from each other through shared experiences. I share information, and encourage questions and conversation.

What advice would you give a new Bentley student?
Explore technology — all of it! Any experience you have with software, databases and other technologies that real companies use will give you a great start in launching your career. Take as many technology courses as you can, and explore our labs. We pride ourselves on integrating technology across the curriculum, so take advantage.