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Tech Apprentice

A Bentley competition challenged 16 students to demonstrate their social media prowess in hopes of hearing the words made famous by Donald Trump: “You’re hired.”

Modeled after the TV show “The Apprentice,” Bentley’s “Tech Apprentice” contest featured a grand prize of a paid internship with cutting-edge marketing firm Allen & Gerritsen.

Applying Classroom Skills to Real Challenges

Competitors received challenges from high-profile corporate partners like the Boston Celtics and Converse. Drawing on real-world skills they learned in class, the students completed a range of projects that showcased their knowledge of emerging technology, digital marketing and social media.

For their final challenge, students developed recommendations on how burrito restaurant Boloco could use location-based technologies such as foursquare, Instagram and Google Places to create buzz about a new store opening.

A Winning Pitch

The three finalists presented their ideas at the Allen & Gerritsen offices to a panel of judges including company executives, Boloco representatives and Bentley faculty. Maria Sofia Samayoa was named the winner for her plan, which featured elements such as special check-in deals, an Instagram photo campaign, and a Spanish-language focus.

“I hope to use the skills I gained from this experience to start a business that helps brands integrate social, digital and inbound marketing strategies into their marketing campaigns,” says Samayoa.

Working with Allen & Gerritsen staff, Bentley media students also filmed and produced a three-episode “Tech Apprentice” reality series.

Check out the trailer below or watch the full series: