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Your Top Questions, Answered

Erika Vardaro '94, Director of Undergraduate Admission, answers some of the most common questions we hear about the application process.

Does someone actually read everything that I send in my application?
Yes, we do! We are looking for students who will thrive here. That means we want students who will take advantage of the many opportunities presented to them, whether it’s access to our high-tech facilities, internships, study abroad, service-learning, clubs and organizations, sports teams and more. 

Should I include an extra letter of recommendation from a boss or coach?
We ask for one recommendation from your school counselor and one from a teacher. If you believe that a boss or coach (or anyone else who knows you well) will be able to add a different perspective, feel free to submit that as well.  A word of caution: think about how many people you need to tell us that you’re a wonderful person; you shouldn’t need that many.

If my test scores are lower than your averages, should I still apply?
Yes! The SAT or ACT is just one component of your admission application. If you have committed to working hard and succeeding as reflected in your school transcript, we will take that into consideration. We also will look at how you have balanced your schoolwork with your activities, and where you have truly committed your energies beyond the classroom setting, including your school and community.

What, if any, are the advantages of applying Early Decision?
Applying early is a personal decision and does not increase your chances of gaining admission. If you are confident that Bentley is your top choice, that you will enroll if accepted and there are no other factors that need to be considered, then apply Early Decision.

Is it better for me to schedule my interview before or after I apply?
You don’t need to wait until you apply to schedule an interview. They are not required, but are a great way for us to meet you one-on-one and learn more about your achievements. Interviews also bring your application to life for admission counselors who can become an advocate for you. If you are concerned about your school performance or testing abilities, I recommend sharing that during an interview. Your interview could not break your chances for gaining admission, but could help answer questions that might arise when we read your application.              

How do I apply for a merit aid scholarship? Is there a separate application?
We do not have a separate application for merit scholarships. When you submit your admission application, you automatically will be considered for academic monies that are available.

How important is it to visit the schools I am applying to?
Definitely important! Visiting schools allows you to envision if you can see yourself attending there. Do you like the students you are meeting? Do you think the professors would make the classroom environment one in which you would thrive and excel? Does the campus really look like all those pretty pictures in print and on the websites? These are just some of the questions you will answer if you visit.

How do I know if Bentley is the right fit for me?
The best way to know this is to visit our campus. Current students will tell you that their Bentley experience has surpassed their expectations. To fully understand how awesome Bentley is, you really have to live the life. The next best thing to actually living it is visiting and interacting with as many members of our community as possible. 

Is there a way I can be connected to a current student to learn more about their experiences?
Contact us by calling (781.891.2244) or emailing ( Tell us more about your interests so that we can connect you with someone who might share the same. We are here to help you — all you need to do is ask.