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The Value of a Business University

It's about where business can take you. And how to prepare. Not just at a business school. But at a business university.

New technologies have always produced unintended consequences. But user experience (UX) designers and engineers face a number of new ethical challenges today with the rise of technology and our interaction and dependence on it.

UX designers’ primary job is to improve usability and extend productivity. But they also have a responsibility to address the unintended consequences of new technologies, some of them with a clear ethical dimension. Following is a look at some of the principle ethical quandaries that UX designers will run up against and must deal with responsibly.

After 20 years at work, first in the corporate world and then building my own business, I began to think back on when I was 20 years old. A sophomore — recall that the root of the word is “wise fool” — I thought I knew a few things about what awaited me in the world. Nothing beats experience, though. Midway through a successful career, with several professional peaks and valleys, here is what I would have advised that young Bentley student when she was halfway through her college education.

After 30 years in college admission, I am still surprised by how challenging it is to explain to prospective parents and students the art and science of college admissions.

Most would love nothing more than to be given a set of specific numbers by which to measure oneself.

What is the most important challenge facing business?

WhybizU Top Tens

Top 10 Things a Basketball Player Learns at a Business University

  1. Being on time means being early-no matter where you are going!
  2. Successful businesses and teams require commitment, trust, and communication.
  3. Don’t take shortcuts in your work or training--you're only cheating yourself.
  4. Success comes to those who work hard, pay attention to detail, and never settle.
  5. Leadership skills can be taught in the classroom, but are perfected on the court.
  6. Conversations about sports are great icebreakers at networking events.
  7. Management is not just about interpersonal relations, time management is an essential skill for any athlete or businessperson to have.
  8. A basketball team is like a small business: its success relies on respect between those calling the plays and those executing them.
  9. Teamwork doesn’t apply only to the basketball court.  If you want to make it in the business world, learn to work well with others.
  10. Student comes first in the term "student-athlete" for a reason.

A captain on the nationally ranked Bentley Women’s Basketball team, junior Lauren Battista has been nationally recognized for her achievements both on the court and in the classroom.  While pursuing a degree in Marketing, a Liberal Studies Major in Health & Industry, and a Finance minor, Battista has played a vital role in leading the women’s basketball team to three consecutive Northeast-10regular season and tournament championships as well as appearances in the NCAA Division II Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and National Semifinals.  Highlights on her list of individual accomplishments are her repeat selections as a WBCA Division II All-American and a Capital One Academic All-American.  Her involvement in the Bentley community and academic success have been recognized on campus as she was the only sophomore inductee into the Falcon Society last spring and is a recent inductee into the Bentley University Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.