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Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Things a Magician Learns at a Business University

  1. In show business, “business” is, quite literally, the bigger word.
  2. Creativity sets you apart from the competition, not only on stage, but in the marketplace as well.
  3. Perfecting a business concept, like most magic routines, takes years of persistence.
  4. Networking can open many doors, whether they lead to new business deals or a Las Vegas stage. 
  5. Conjure up an experience that the audience – or customer – won’t soon forget.
  6. To achieve success in today’s rapidly changing world, you must be able to adapt – the top hat and tuxedo are no longer “in.”
  7. Investing time in honing your skills ultimately leads to greater dividends.
  8. A track record of unethical behavior is very difficult to make disappear.
  9. Regularly show the people who work backstage just how much you value their contributions.
  10. Rabbits are tax deductible. 

Often recognized as Bentley’s “resident magician,” Junior Matt Schick can be seen performing across campus as he pursues a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and a Liberal Studies Major In Media Arts & Society. Matt has graced stages across the country, from the Times Square Arts Center to the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, performing for several notable figures such as Spike Lee, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones along the way. In additional to earning multiple awards from many of the nation’s most esteemed magic organizations, Matt’s accomplishments as a magician and producer have been featured in trade publications such as MAGIC Magazine, which wrote “The future of magic is, indeed, in good hands.”


Top 10 Ways a BizU Made a Liberal Arts Student an Executive

by Deborah Millin, President/CEO UpperLevel Solutions

  1. Showed me that business is not just accounting and finance
  2. Exposed me to a wide range of career paths.
  3. Strengthened my liberal arts and business skills.
  4. Gave me real-world skills and experience even as an undergrad.
  5. Helped me grow as a leader in the classroom and student organizations.
  6. Gave me Career Services support at all stages of my career.
  7. Allowed me to see one can use creativity in a business setting.
  8. Provided a built-in network of high-achieving professionals.
  9. Gave me a solid base in all aspects of business (even the ones I didn’t like) that served me well as I rose through management positions.
  10. Surrounded me with faculty and staff who encouraged me to use all my talents and reach for the stars…and they still do.

Deborah Millin, a magna cum laude graduate of Bentley with a B.S. in Business Management and a minor in English, founded UpperLevel Solutions to provide a cost-effective alternative for growing companies in need of COO-level support. Prior to founding UpperLevel Solutions, she was Executive Vice President at Carnegie Communications, and Vice President of Client Operations at High Street Partners. Debbie has also been in senior management positions at Xius-bcgi and Boston Communications Group, in addition to being a Project Manager at SmartRoute Systems and a member of the legislative staff in the Massachusetts State Legislature. An active member of The Boston Club, she is currently Vice Chair of its Governance Committee and the recipient of its Rising Star Award.  She serves on Board of Directors for Special Olympics of Massachusetts and is active in the Bentley University Executive Club


Top 10 Features of the Business University

  1. More resources to offer students than a single business department or school.

  2. A culture that understands the complexity, energy, value, and beauty of business done well.

  3. Greater opportunities for hands-on learning and mentoring by multiple expert faculty members.

  4. Energy. People seriously interested in the study of business are active in studies, careers, and community life.

  5. Shared dedication to being the best you can be in a particular field.

  6. Students with at least one major thing in common--an interest in business education--develop broad networks across other interests.

  7. In-depth study is possible even for undergraduates, since all proceed quickly from a shared business core.

  8. Students flourish in the arts and sciences as genuine, complementary interests rather than fear pursuing them into unemployability.

  9. State of the art technology, advanced career development and networking, and deeply engaged corporate partners.

  10. Everybody and everything focuses on providing the intellectual and professional skills needed to achieve life and career goals.