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My Bentley Story by Adele Annesi

Bentley wasn’t an easy experience for an undergrad transfer student, but it was a real one and preparatory. Student life began in earnest for me with a pivotal change in majors from accounting to communications. Two professors who shaped that experience were Dr. Lovegrove (English) and Prof. Marshall (marketing). Dr. Lovegrove was kind enough to compare my writing to Hemingway’s because my words then were few. Prof. Marshall made an observation I still recall. “You’re going to need a cause,” he said. He was right. I went on to become a development editor with Scholastic Publishing and a senior editor with Gartner. Perhaps even more appropriately, I’m now a professor of writing and English, and each day I use the communication skills honed at Bentley. The ability to maintain integrity and be innovative fuels my teaching and writing, and hopefully enables me to inspire my students as I was inspired.


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