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My Bentley Story by Allie Downs

During my first week, I knew I wanted to be a Resident Assistant. My freshman year RA Olivia is one of the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her presence my freshman year formed my Bentley experience for the better, and is honestly one of the main reasons I even stayed at Bentley. I wanted to pay it forward by being there for the next group of freshman, and help them build the home away from home that Olivia helped me grow. Having the opportunity to interact with at least half of the freshman class just by nature of living with them is a really unique opportunity. I have always been surprised and humbled by the number of residents that don’t even live on my floor who stop by my open door to say hi, chat with me while I’m on duty rounds, and even know my name. This friendliness is a true testament to the amazing community at Bentley that I am so glad to help foster and be a part of. Being an RA is so much more than bulletin boards and completing duty rounds, it is a constant opportunity to learn and grow. Before being an RA, I lacked so much confidence. Interacting with residents, facilities, University Police, and everyone in between has taught me how to carry myself professionally and compassionately. Every day comes with its ups and downs, and there are certainly days where I am frustrated. However, the long chats with residents, celebrating their successes, and simply being there for them makes any difficulty seem like a thing of the past. A simple “thank you” from a resident for a birthday card, or getting 20 likes in the GroupMe for firmly (but with some humor) addressing the hair-in-the-shower situation makes it all worth it to me. Thank you Bentley for providing me with the chance to grow as a person, and as a leader. This is a place I am proud to say I learned at for 4 years, inside and outside of the classroom, about just what it takes to believe in yourself and your abilities.


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