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My Bentley Story by Carroll McMillan

I grew up one of seven children with my mother supporting us. We lived in Gloucester, Mass. and we never thought of going to college. I was determined to get there and Bentley was my dream school. I enlisted in the Air Force after High School and spent four years in the service. I got married and had my first child before getting out and planning a future for my family. I started Bentley in the fall of 1958 while my wife was pregnant with our second child. He was born the day of my first major accounting exam. I lived in Rockport, Mass. and worked evenings and weekends to support my family and go to school fulltime. I graduated in 1961 and went to work as a payroll auditor. The company transferred me to Connecticut. My second son was born while we were there. I received a notice that Bentley was starting their first junior class in the fall of 1962. My wife and I decided to move back to Massachusetts and I would get my Bachelors Degree. I got a job working all night in a grocery store cleaning and going to school during the day. I commuted to Boston from Salem, Mass. for two years. I reached my goal in 1964 when I received my Bachelors Degree and was proud to be the only one in my family to graduate from college. I was very active during my years at Bentley as President of the Student Council, being involved in many activities, and helping to start the Golf Team during my junior year. I was the team Captain and MVP for two years before graduating. I was nominated and inducted into the Bentley College Athletic Hall of Fame in 1988. Since graduating from Bentley, I have had a career in computer services, tax preparation, and owned my own business. I have six children and fourteen grandchildren. I was involved in the alumni association when I lived in the area and chaired the reunion committee for our 45th and 50th reunion. One of my grandchildren has graduated from Bentley in the Class of 2010. I still use the skills that I learned at Bentley and prepare tax returns at 79 years of age. I often think of one of the main things that I learned which is Ethics. I try to base my life on that.


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