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My Bentley Story by David Souza

During my senior year at Bentley, I attended an interviewing workshop on campus. It covered the basics of punctuality, appropriate dress, eye contact etc. but one tip in particular set me on the path of a very rewarding career. The instructor said to watch out for interviewers who try to catch you off guard with tricks such as staging a fake phone call during the interview. The interviewer would then ask 'where were we, what were we discussing?'. If you did not answer correctly, you would be judged as not focused or worse, not interested, and you would not be hired. A few months later, I had a second interview with the Head of Information Systems at Putnam Investments. He was an older gentleman, we had nice chat and then he told me about a new Apple II computer that he was using to develop a prototype for a complicated mutual fund pricing model. We were about 15 minutes into interview when his phone rang. He apologized for the interruption but needed to take the call. He swiveled his chair around and talked with a colleague for a few minutes. I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Could this be the trick that the Bentley instructor talked about at the workshop? He ended the call, and he spoke the following words: 'Sorry for the interruption, now where were we?'. The rest of the story is that I was hired a few days later and spent 27 years at Putnam during the exhilarating growth years of Boston's mutual fund industry. Bentley helped me get my foot in the door and Bentley provided me with the tools to grow from an entry level programmer to Managing Director. Thank You Bentley!


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