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My Bentley Story by Doug Boettner

I was a member of the initial freshman class to arrive at the campus in Waltham in August of 1968. There were only seven dormitory buildings and I was housed in the Maple dorm on the first floor. The first week we received orientation about the rules of living on campus. One rule required us to wear sport coats to dinner. Another rule was that we could not entertain females in our dorm rooms. A third rule was no alcohol was allowed in our dorm rooms. We took immediate steps to challenge the first two rules and within the first month the dress code requirement was repealed and we were allowed to have females in our dorm rooms, but we needed to leave our doors ajar while they were in the room. Any violations of any dorm rules, and there were others, required the violator to attend Study Hall from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a specified number of days.


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