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My Bentley Story by Greg Maynard

This might be difficult if there is a limit on the character count as it is difficult to sum up the emotions and feelings one experiences when connected to something incredible like Bentley. College selection was simple for me. After the tour of the Waltham campus in my senior year of High School it was a given: Apply to one school (Bentley) and the whole college selection process would be done. I was fortunate to have that become a reality. My four years there was nothing but life changing experiences that came in waves: member of the golf team (the first team to win the Northeast 10 Conference Championships for Bentley in Golf '92), was a college DJ, was an orientation leader, which led to landing a job, which enabled me to be introduced to many business connections that led to securing my internship (with a Bentley grad), which led to the internship company hiring me full-time after my four years at Bentley. Along the way in my four years there were countless lifelong relationships formed including the most important one – the one with my wife. Once in the "real world" Bentley continued to be a key component of my life as many friends continued to stay close. At work I hired six Bentley grads to help grow our very successful technology company. My son's Godmother is a Bentley grad. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are Bentley grads. Roughly 11 years into my career I was looking to transition and Bentley assisted in filling that need by inviting me back to work in the Development Office. Imagine having a job where your primary role was to get out on the road and meet with others that have graduated from your college, to drink coffee, and to learn their Bentley story with the hopes of reconnecting them to the institution and help support the initiatives most pressing within the Bentley community. Taking full advantage of the opportunity I was able to meet thousands of alumni, assist in hundreds of events, initiate additional lifetime friendships and connections and build a robust pool of future supporters for the school that I loved. The seven year itch hit and I left Bentley in 2013 to work for, yes, you guessed it, a successful Bentley grad. Where this was a short stay in that role I still meet with this business owner throughout the year and continue to provide him with connections and opportunities for his firm the way we did things in the Development Office - Bentley to Bentley networking. I joined a healthcare not-for-profit as a Development Officer and since joining I have been elevated to Director of a team and sure enough I have hired two Bentley alumni already and have hired a referral from a former Bentley colleague as well. I guess the overall message to take from my Bentley story is that if you are fortunate enough to be connected to a Bentley in your life you should embrace it and do all you can to maximize the potential that comes from what is right there for you to seize. I have left Bentley twice in the last 20+ years but the Bentley in me will never be removed.


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