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My Bentley Story by Gustavo Yepez

My best Bentley story began on the day I arrived at Bentley in 2007. Such is the story of Richard Adjei, Jose Francisco, Patrick Hegerich, Sahardeed Isa, Peter Jurik, Xin Ouyang, Angad Sawhney and myself. Most of us lived at the Global Living Center in Slade Hall for our first year, and there our friendship was forged. Hailing from different countries and backgrounds, holding different beliefs, and majoring in different areas, it was only natural that our interactions were mostly debates about every single topic you can imagine. For our second year, we decided to move together into Suite 390 at Forest Hall. We decked the place out with flags, and created our own micro version of the United Nations. Our debates became loud enough to worry the RA next door, but we pulled through without sparking any international incidents (to be fair, there were a few close calls). Along with the debates, all those study nights, movie nights, takeout nights and going-out nights only served to strengthen our friendship. Today, we all live in different cities in five or six different countries, working in a varied range of industries and bringing the knowledge and experience from our priceless Bentley education into our workplaces. While the logistics for a full reunion of the Forest 390 UN have not been completely determined yet, some of us have crossed oceans to visit each other after all this time. Almost 10 years later, I can confirm that our friendship is still going strong. Thank you Bentley and all the people who make you great.


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