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My Bentley Story by Howard Barnes

I was at a Bentley University reunion one year when I saw a black Bentley automobile pull into a parking lot near me. I thought it ironic to see a Bentley at Bentley and I decided to introduce myself to the person driving this automobile. The owner of the Bentley was none other than Langford Bentley, the nephew of the founder Harry C. Bentley. Langford had large ears like his uncle Harry. Langford said that big ears are a characteristic of the Bentley family. Langford was very gracious and was happy to discuss his recollections of Harry C. Bentley with me. Langford said that Harry C. Bentley was a big Red Sox fan and that he and Harry used to go to a lot of games with him. Langford has since passed away but I will never forget meeting him.


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