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My Bentley Story by James Oates

I was 17 and applying for a job in the Sears Accounting Department (office boy) and the interviewer said to me, "Are you going to go to Bentley in the fall?" Honestly, I didn’t even know what Bentley was. I, of course, said yes and upon leaving the interview went down and looked up Bentley in the phone book. As I was ultimately hired, I did enroll in their night program. Now in 1957 Bentley was Bentley School of Accounting and Finance. It was a two-year (days) or a four-year night program to get your certificate. So in the fall of 1957 I started what was to be an eleven-year journey (in between two years to satisfy my military obligation) where after many two, three and four nights per week I earned my 128 credits and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1968. I believe I was the last graduating class from downtown Boston. As a side note, I might add, Harry Bentley would drop into some of my classes from time to time if only to observe, but many times adding words of encouragement to continue on. I might also add that my business law professor was Gregory Adamian. I had an excellent business career, and it was in no small measure from the education and training that Bentley gave me.


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