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My Bentley Story by Jennifer Wright

I came to Bentley for the English department. It sounds strange, but I was debating between several business schools, and one of the things that helped me make my ultimate decision was the emphasis Bentley puts on liberal arts. As a senior in high school, I had the opportunity to sit in on a literature class taught by Dr. Jennifer Cook. I was instantly captivated. I already knew Bentley excelled in business, but I'm also passionate about writing, and having a school where I could study both mattered a great deal to me. Second semester freshman year, I signed up for my first English class: Honors Creative Writing, Non-Fiction and Essays. At the time, I had forgotten the name "Dr. Cook" (I have a notoriously bad memory), so seeing it on my class registration didn't ring any bells. But five minutes into my first class I recognized her -- it was the same Professor who had helped me decide that Bentley was the school for me! Now, as a senior, I've completed my Literature minor, taking FOUR classes with Dr. Cook. During those classes, she became a mentor to me. I had always dreamed of traveling, but never imagined it would be possible until I was a 30+ years old and rich. But Dr. Cook had backpacked on a budget many times, and even makes money doing so now by publishing travel essays! Her stories, encouragement, and advice convinced me to buy a plane ticket to Paris the summer after my sophomore year -- with the return flight 88 days later. That first summer backpacking solo for nearly 3 months got me addicted, and I returned for another 6 weeks the following summer. I'm now planning a 3 month adventure in Asia, and see myself traveling -- and writing -- for the rest of my life. Business is important, but it's kind of a given at Bentley. It's THE business school, so you know you'll get a good business education. It's these extras -- the emphasis on liberal arts, the Professors who stay after an evening class for three hours to help you as you panic over the future -- that really make Bentley special.


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