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My Bentley Story by Jim Burnham

On a cold gray day in late fall 1971, when the Waltham campus had been in existence for about three years with trees no thicker than your thumb, and Gregory H. Adamian had settled into his role as the fourth president of Bentley College, John E. Webster, a graduate of one of the first classes from the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance, proudly showed off the new campus and introduce me to the president. My Armenian grandfather, with whom I was very close, recently had passed away, so the connection with President Adamian took on added significance. Because of his respect for Mr. Webster, President Adamian spent a long time meeting 1-on-1 that day with a kid from a small town in New Hampshire, and by so doing made a very strong impression. He made it clear that when I was ready for college, Bentley would welcome me. 

By the time I was ready, my interests had evolved to include a budding computer age along with accountancy. Bentley College continued its progressive path and offered me an opportunity to pursue a five-year dual Bachelor degree curriculum for these disciplines. The die was cast and the rest is history. 

Bentley provided a path and the means for a small town kid to learn, gain confidence, spread his wings, and ultimately excel in both life and career in NYC. So, it surprises no one that I now enjoy giving back to Bentley and am proud to call Bentley University my alma mater.






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