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My Bentley Story by Joseph Di Franco

I attended Bentley the first year the campus opened in 1968. I had just finished four years in USAF, thus I was on the GI Bill which allowed me to obtain an excellent education in accounting. I had only one parent (old Italian mother with no money). I was the first in the family to graduate from a college... Yes, it took me 10 years of evening classes, but I stuck with it. I was driven from the time I was in high school (Brighton High) to get my degree from Bentley. What a feeling it was in 1978 to graduate after 10 years. The education I received enhanced my life. I was employed by a great corporation because of my education and that I graduated from Bentley. I am thankful for all my professors who cared. Going evenings was no picnic; we would go long hours into the night, making it a bit challenging to go to work the next day. FYI, the first year the campus was not complete. Classes started late. We had not completed the walkways. The library was not completed and so on. Now look at the changes. The campus is amazing. Thanks for letting me attend.


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