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My Bentley Story by Kayla Perkins

I was committed to another school when I toured Bentley's campus in 2011. I felt at home from the first look, admittedly nervous to leave home, but I had no idea then the family I would create over the next four years. I've never felt more myself, more empowered, or more comfortable than I did in my time as a student. I found like minded people who quickly became my best friends. Surrounding myself with ambitious, driven, hardworking young men and women has made me who I am today. I found a job on campus in the Office of Academic Advising with a staff who encouraged every step of my journey and gave me the confidence I needed for what would become a grueling job hunt my senior year. I got to study abroad in Australia and see a corner of the world I never thought was within reach. I'm nowhere near the end of my journey, but without everything I found at Bentley, I don't even know if I would have started. I moved to New York City for a job by myself this past September and it was certainly scary, but I am prepared. So many alumni have reached out in an attempt to make my adjustment to the city easier; a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have the network I do. The home I built at Bentley has been hard to let go of; there's a reason why none of us want to graduate! I will forever cherish the last four years of my life, and I am so grateful I had the college experience that I did. Thank you, Bentley!


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