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My Bentley Story by Ken Viciana

I spent 4 amazing years at Bentley! The education I received was top notch, and Bentley truly prepared me for the real world. Some Highlights that immediately come to mind from my time at Bentley are: 1- Meeting my wife, Amanda, on Spring Day in 1997. We actually still celebrate this date as a key anniversary each year. Amanda and I have a 10 year old daughter, Eva, and we currently reside in Marietta, GA. 2- Social Life was a blast on campus, and I made friends in the Greek System (Alpha Gamma Pi) that I'll certainly have for life. 3- Connections and Networking with other Bentley Alumni has truly been valuable. It's opened doors for me, and the support I continue to receive is amazing. 4- On a personal level, I really grew up and matured during my 4 years at Bentley. I learned a ton about myself and others, and I gained great confidence in my abilities. 5- Bentley taught me to own my career path, and I've always kept this in mind while navigating Corporate America. In my current role, I'm focused on Big Data Insights at Equifax. Happy Birthday Bentley, you'll always have a place in my heart!


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