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My Bentley Story by Kenneth Fisher

In 1995, at age 46 and 24 years removed from receiving my degree as an English major, my employer wanted me to transfer from a successful position in field operations to assume responsibilities in budget and financial analysis. To acclimate me to interacting with the accounting department he suggested two accounting courses at Bentley. After my successful completion of these courses I asked and received permission to pursue a Certificate in Accountancy. I graduated that program in 1998 with a 3.97 GPA. When that employment in a troubled business [newspapers] ended in 2001, my Accounting degree from Bentley helped me land a position with the federal government as a contract auditor. In 2002, I passed the CPA exam and enjoyed the title of CPA while functioning in the audit position until my retirement. Late in life for formal education, and unwittingly at the time, attending Bentley led me to a second career bridging the gap to, and contributing to, what is so far a comfortable retirement. I should not neglect to say I actually sat for the CPA exam with my son.


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