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My Bentley Story by Kent Hayes

Bentley changed my life.

When I arrived on campus my freshman year, I expected to graduate on time and meet a few new friends in the process. Looking back now, it has become so much more than that. I am grateful for all that Bentley has given me. Here is a short list of reasons for why I am thankful: Bentley introduced me to my wife, Lauren Tanner. She and I now live together in Florida and have an incredible son named Chase Alexander Hayes. Without her, I would have never made it to where I am today. Bentley introduced me to one of my best friends in this world, Ryan McClellan. Another member of the Bentley family and a very successful manager at State Street. Ryan and his family took me in for many minor holidays throughout my years in New England. They were and will always be, my home away from home. Bentley introduced me to my first job, which then spun into a very successful career filled with life lessons and great relationships. Bentley introduced me to "The Family". A group of 20(ish) unique misfits that bonded together through random relationships and connections during our four years at Bentley. We hold annual reunions at Stowe Mountain, and are in early planning stages to take a group trip to the Atlantis in another few years. I didn't realize how much of an impact Bentley University would have on my life. But with each new year, I become more and more grateful for the experiences and the relationships that I was able to foster while at the school. Thank you Bentley!


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