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My Bentley Story by Krassi Popov

I came to Bentley University in the Fall of 2011 determined that I would stay there for 2-3 semesters before transferring to Harvard or NYU. It only took a few weeks for me to completely change my mindset about Bentley. The university had so much more to offer than I could have ever expected. I was really impressed with the academic rigor and knowledgeable professors. It was also very easy to get involved on campus, within just the first semester I was able to join 3 campus organizations. Being active on campus allowed me to meet many students who are now still a part of my professional network. My top 3 favorite things about Bentley University include: 1) The trading room 2) The diverse/international student body 3) The willingness for professors to help beyond the classroom. Through Bentley's academia and resources, I was inspired to start my own business during my Junior year. In just 2 years at Bentley, I had the fundamental business knowledge and a professional network to get funding for the business and have it be profitable within the first year of operating. Today, I continue to develop and grow the business ( which currently employs myself and 4 colleagues (half of which are Bentley Alumni). Some people say that you don't need a college degree to start a business but I would mostly disagree as I truly believe I couldn't have done it without Bentley.


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