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My Bentley Story by Lauren Valerio

Prior to entering college, people would always tell me that your college friends will end up being your family. At Bentley, those words were (and still are) so incredibly true. Almost 8 years ago, I met five of the best people you could ever meet. Over the next four years, we would continue to be roommates, peers, classmates, fellow club members and most importantly family. After graduation, we went off on our new adventures; new careers and lives in various states, but being family means you always find a way and our family was no different. Every year, our Bentley family reunites over Bentley Homecoming weekend. What better way to celebrate lasting friendships than at the place where it all began? To my Bentley Family: Stacey Driscoll, Renée Watts, Paige Roland, Alysha Frank and Tianna Tarquinio


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