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My Bentley Story by Manuel Carneiro

I was a scholarship student for the Bentley Service-Learning Program. I worked there and helped lead the organization my 4 years of Undergraduate and my Graduate years. I learned so much about my social responsibility in the business world and in my personal life, which often times are one and the same. I married 1 year after my graduate studies to a wonderful Christian woman I met while I was doing work on the Bayou La Batre Hurricane Katrina Relief Project that the Service-Learning Department and many from around the Bentley community worked on. Needless to say, our story (my wife Barbara and I) is that we have been fostering 4 boys (two sets of twin boys) and now we have just found out we will be able to adopt them. We did this because of our calling through our faith, but also because of the time I spent at Bentley learning about my civic duty and living out my faith and my beliefs. What an amazing story it has been. We have a total of 6 children, 2 biological daughters and 4 boys (that we will hopefully adopt toward the end of 2016). Due to privacy and other factors, no pictures or videos can be posted of the boys until we adopt them.


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