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Centennial Celebration


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My Bentley Story by Michael Krenesky

When my wife and I were married in 1975, I started my search for a college. In 1977 after attending another local university in Boston in their evening division, I decided that going back to school full-time days was the correct choice. I applied to Bentley College and to my dismay I was not accepted. I was offered the opportunity to appeal the decision and have an in-person interview. I made the appointment and my wife and I traveled to Waltham. My appeal was heard and I was granted admittance and I graduated with honors in 1981. That is not the whole story that fateful day. As my wife and I left the admissions office, which was full of visiting parents and their 17 & 18 year old daughters, we received multiple stares - mostly from fathers. You see, my wife was about eight months pregnant and showed every month of it and we both looked quite young. I can only guess the impression and thoughts going through the minds of those parents. As we passed one group of parents, and I am not sure why this even crossed my mind, I turned to them and said pointing at my pregnant wife, "were here for the early admittance program". My daughter Sara was born several months later. Roll forward 21 years to the class of 2000, where we celebrated my daughter's undergraduate graduation, and the following year her MBA as a second generation Bentley Graduate and alumni. Congratulations on 100 years!


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