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My Bentley Story by Olivia Regan

One of my greatest experiences at Bentley University has been my participation in the Center for Women and Business’s (CWB) Student Leadership Program. I chose Bentley as a woman wanting the opportunity to receive an education that would give me an edge in my future career, yet I lacked the confidence to believe in myself and had little understanding of my goals or aspirations. The Leadership Program opened my eyes to what I could accomplish. A seminar on negotiating gave me tools I can use moving forward to successfully navigate my first salary negotiation. I took a course on Global Women’s Leadership, in which all fourteen of us in the Leadership Program led discussions focusing on the authentic self, confidence, leadership and many other topics. This gave me new viewpoints on how I can use my strengths to bolster myself in the workplace and find positive ways to work on what would be considered my “weaknesses.” I learned the differences between mentorship and sponsorship, and how each serves a purpose when understanding relationships within a company. The culminating experience was our trip to Sweden and Denmark, where we had the opportunity to visit companies such as Google, Maersk, PwC, Spotify, Carlsberg, Volvo and more, as well as study gender equity differences between countries. Sweden and Denmark are well known for their exceptional work-life balance, and I saw the benefit and impact for both genders with these policies in place. We met with a women at PwC in Sweden who had actually been promoted to Partner while on maternity leave – this moment stood out to all of us because it is not the norm in the U.S. This program was exceptional for me personally, academically, and professionally. The fourteen of us young women in the program developed an incredibly strong bond, and I consider them and the Center’s program advisers life-long friends. I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity. I will remember my experiences and learned knowledge throughout my career and, indeed, my life.


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