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My Bentley Story by Onic Palandjian

I came to Bentley in 1989. The cool thing about this is that I had not traveled to the United States before my visit to Waltham. In fact I had never been to an English-speaking country before my arrival to Bentley. It was obviously overwhelming, but extremely exciting. And after my first Halloween, I felt right at home hanging out at the lower caf. After graduating in 1993, not a lot connected me with Bentley College. I was focused on my career. But when I was asked to join the global alumni board in 2012, I felt super connected again. Although I have been involved in establishing and running an alumni chapter in Athens, Greece for a decade, coming back to Waltham reminded me how much I love and am connected to the Bentley campus. My final thought: It doesn't matter if you have disconnected from Bentley. Chances are that years later it will all make sense again!


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