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My Bentley Story by Paul Coccovillo

I come from Revere, Massachusetts, about 20 miles away from Bentley, but it might as well have been a world apart growing up. Coming from a blue collar upbringing, I was the first in my family, and one of very few in my childhood neighborhood, to graduate college. My dad worked two jobs at times to make ends meet and he pushed the need for education as the way to get ahead in life. While life wasn't easy during those years, the sacrifices made to attend Bentley definitely paid off. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and it opened up doors in the business world that otherwise wouldn't have been available to me. Today I'm the Controller of a popular tech company in Silicon Valley and I share my story with prospective college students about the positive impacts Bentley can have on their lives if they apply themselves. Keep doing what you're doing Bentley! #proudAlum


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