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My Bentley Story by Paul & Colleen Tardif

I discovered Bentley from a recommendation from my favorite Uncle who graduated in 1967. I have lots of great memories of my time at Bentley, from the many parties we hosted in our suite at 510 Brook Hall to the bus rides to the Hong Kong. As well, I have great memories of the accounting professors and the life long friends I made working at the accounting lab on campus. I know the school is a critical reason for my professional success but more importantly, it is where I met my wife. We have been together for over 32 years and have a fortunate life together. I am a member of the Bentley Executive Club which gives me a reason to be on campus a few times a year. My wife ( Colleen) and I are keeping up the family tradition as our middle daughter is a Junior marketing major at Bentley and having the time of her life.


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