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My Bentley Story by Ryan Gilpin

As a local resident, living fifteen minutes from campus, being at Bentley was like a home away from home for me. I've had such a phenomenal experience here that I'm glad I ended up staying so close. The part of being a Bentley student that made my experience here so incredible was my involvement in student organizations. I've been involved in a lot throughout my four years here but most notably were my involvements in the Men's Swimming and Diving team and my job as a Resident Assistant in the Trees dorm. I joined the swim team as a freshman walk-on from a local high school after swimming our championship meet at the Bentley pool for all four years. I never thought that the people I would meet would shape my experience so extremely. I've spent countless hours in the pool, at lifts, and other team functions forming an unbreakable bond with so many incredible people. After my sophomore year I decided to add to my busy lifestyle and apply to be a resident assistant. When I was assigned to Trees I was admittedly a bit upset at the thought of being in a building filled with only freshman during my junior year. What changed my mind was the incredible staff I was placed on and the caring and extraordinary people in which I was placed with. I am extremely thankful to have joined these two great groups as these people are some of the most caring and influential people I could have ever hoped to meet and have made this some of the best four years of my life.


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