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My Bentley Story by Sharon Torosian

I shared my four years with the class of 1983. I made friends who I will cherish for a lifetime. It is hard to top the story that my friend Carol shared with you. I and my roommates lived together as a family and developed our routines such as cooking, entertaining, and nights out on the Harvard Square bus. Of course we had to make our regular trips to the library where we studied, shared notes, and shared our feelings about taking yet another “killer” accounting test. They said make it through the second year of accounting and you are home free. I guess I can say that rule did apply. I certainly appreciate the Bentley education, which led me to the private and public sectors. I saw both worlds, and it was the world of public service where I was joined with my soulmate Barry who graduated with a BS in Accountancy with the class of 1970, and was part of the school when it was in downtown Boston. I believe as Bentley alumni we share a special bond with our friends who we shared our lives with, our great education, and our positions in the world where our contributions are endless. Happy 100th Birthday Bentley!!


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