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Centennial Celebration


How do you capture 100 years of Bentley history? It’s a story best told by those who lived it.

Take a moment to read some of the stories submitted by Bentley community members from around the globe. And be sure to add your Bentley story (i.e., a personal reflection, memory, experience, etc.) to the collection. Don’t forget to attach an image or link to a video, as well.

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Regina Gross
Alumnus/a, Westwood, Mass.
In this Bentley story, the first photo was taken during the May 1976 Commencement at the Bentley University campus with my late, beloved mother, Regina Gross-Armstrong, and myself. Read more
Stefanie Vestal
Alumnus/a, Virginia
I can pretty much trace all of my success and where I am today back to my decision to attend Bentley. Read more
Mia (Maria Teresa) Torruella
Alumnus/a, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Attending Bentley was the BEST decision of my life!! An AMAZING education, Bentley was ahead of the game and ahead of the times. As a bonus, to this day I have wonderful friends from around the world. Read more
Maria Krings
Alumnus/a, Petersham
I love Bentley! I'm a double Falcon and also worked at Bentley for almost 23 years. My husband, Werner, cousin, Rosemarie and several friends have graduated from Bentley. Read more
Marvin Lainer
Alumnus/a, Delray Beach, Fla.
As a Marine veteran who served most of the days at WWII, and now married to Jennie, my sweetheart since age 16, and now with a young child, I decided that being a clothes presser would not be my future or my family’s future. Read more
Andrew Blum
Alumnus/a, Watertown, Mass.
There are several things that come to mind when I think about what Bentley has given me...of course, it has given lifelong friends who I'm still very close with today, as well as a career in health care. Read more
Annette Lenart
Student, Torrington, Conn.
I attended Bentley School of Accounting in September 1975. Now, I look at it today and wish I was 18 again. The campus is absolutely amazing, O.M.G.! I'm going to try to contact some old friends and roommates. Read more
Robert Keirstead
Alumnus/a, Westborough, Mass.
I am so pleased to see the article about Professor Zamperion in the Bentley/100 publication. After all these years I can remember being in his class. The lectures had a depth and yet a human quality that made them very engaging. Read more
Christina Young
Alumnus/a, Massachusetts
My father, Lorenzo Diana, was a hard working mason who worked on building the Bentley College Waltham campus in late 60's/early 70's. Read more
Richard Thompson
Student, Londonderry, NH
Upon graduation, I worked for the United Fruit Company in Central America. Read more
Steven Dufresne
Alumnus/a, Plano, TX
Back in February of 1984, I had no idea that Bentley even existed. I was set on going to my in-state "B" business school in Rhode Island, the "Other B" school not named Babson (Bryant). Read more
Allison Foster
Alumnus/a, Maine
It was freshman orientation and I was in line to pick up my laptop when the guy behind me asked who to make the check payable to. From there we struck up a conversation. Read more
Professor Emeritus Frank Wolpe
Faculty, Waltham, MA
THE UNTOLD STORY ABOUT THE FOUNDING OF BENTLEY UNIVERSITY'S 1974 GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS There is a seminal chapter from Bentley University history, which spotlights one heck of a previously untold story. Read more
Janak Joshi
Alumnus/a, Boston, MA
Why Bentley Taught Me To Disrupt: The 90's were what we in venture capital refer to now as "the glory days". The World Wide Web was going to change lives and we were all going to be flying in cars in our space suits. Read more
June Doucette-Burr
Alumnus/a, Plainville, MA
Many things occurred at Bentley School of accounting and Finance, 921 Boylston Street, Boston, MA for those of us who were in the minority at the Evening Division. We were ages 18 to ??? Read more
James Wilson
Alumnus/a, Lexington, MA
Bentley provided me with the knowledge to flourish my family business and create lifelong friendships. Read more
Jackie Emmons
Student, Boxford, MA
When I was in kindergarten I met my best friend. After loads of playdates our moms ended up becoming best friends as well. Because I was her oldest child, my mom always sought for advice from her best friend. Read more
Alumnus/a, VERO BEACH
I was privileged to shake the hand of Harry C. Bentley at my graduation banquet back in 1955. I had a successful career in accounting with an internationally owned engineering firm who were designers of pulp mill machinery for the paper industry. Read more
Frank Elenio
Student, Ridgefield, New Jersey

The truth is I had not heard of Bentley University until the summer before my junior year of high school.

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Caleb Cochran
Friend, Sudbury, Massachusetts

I was a staff member at Bentley for nine years and have many great memories (particularly from lunchtime faculty-staff basketball games), but the reason Bentley will always be so important to me is because it's where I met my wife, Natalie, who st

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Bentley is not just a university, it is a perfect state of grace.
-Paul Grassia '69
Billerica, Massachusetts
Paul Grassia
Alumnus/a, Billerica, Massachusetts


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Elba Valerio
Alumnus/a, Boston, Massachusetts

It is difficult to reflect on just one moment of my Bentley Chapter in my life. From the day I moved into the Tree Dorms, I knew my college experience was going to be life changing.

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Daniel Casey
Alumnus/a, Fairfield, Connecticut

Back in 1979, Bentley College was one of only three colleges that I applied! Hard to believe, I know. I chose Bentley because it was my #1 choice and I wanted to be in a different state, and being close to Boston was going to be a huge plus.

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