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My Bentley Story by Tatiana (Casale) Mullaney

Bentley means so much to me in many different ways. I am a first-generation college graduate and the first in my family to attend graduate school. My grandparents emigrated from Italy at a young age and worked long hours without any education to achieve the American dream. They were very successful at opening their own business and taught my father how to be an entrepreneur. They always taught me that a college education was the most important accomplishment I could achieve. The college application process was not difficult for me. I had my heart set on just one school – Bentley. Growing up surrounded by entrepreneurs made the decision to pursue business an easy one. I applied early decision and I still vividly remember getting that large envelope in the mail with my acceptance letter included. It was one of the happiest days for my family. My grandfather sadly passed away one month after I was accepted, but he was able to see his hard work and dedication pay off and his oldest grandchild accepted into an amazing business school. During my undergraduate time at Bentley I was very involved on campus and made lifelong friendships that mean the world to me. After a couple of years working in the corporate world, I pursued a job here and have worked at Bentley for almost 4 years now. I am also in the process of becoming a Double Falcon – I am on track to finish my MBA this December. My connection to Bentley will always be strong because of the many ways that I have stayed involved and because of the unforgettable memories I have created here.


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