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Bentley University Campus

Reinventing Business Education: A Future of Leadership

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025

Our Mission and Values


Bentley University changes the world with a transformative business education, integrated with arts and sciences, that inspires and prepares ethical leaders who will confront the challenges of today and shape the opportunities of tomorrow.


Bentley is a community of students, faculty and staff who are committed to learning. To create the best environment for learning to occur, we as a community embrace these core values to guide our conduct:

We practice understanding, compassion and kindness. We recognize the whole person and their well-being, and we think beyond ourselves and our immediate goals to consider the impact our actions have on other people. 

We welcome new perspectives as we work with others toward a common goal. We seek out opportunities for partnership and teamwork, readily sharing our knowledge and expertise with others.  

We are all different and that makes our community stronger. We embrace and seek to understand those with different beliefs, backgrounds and life experiences. We celebrate those differences as opportunities to learn and grow. We protect and affirm the right of all people to be themselves.   

We act with honesty and integrity in our academic, personal and professional affairs. We are dedicated to ethical and transparent behavior, and we hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions.  

We recognize our potential to make a difference. We use the power of business and innovation to positively impact individuals, organizations and the communities we serve at home and abroad. 

We are here to learn and develop. We are passionate about knowledge and want to continue to learn throughout our lives. We are eager and willing to try new experiences and ways of thinking. We appreciate that much of our learning will occur by interacting with others, inside and outside of the classroom.  

We treat others as they would like to be treated. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth of all members of our community and strive to better understand and appreciate everyone. We are committed to keeping our community free of vandalism, hate speech, violence and harassment.  


How we got here

For 100 years, Bentley has reinvented business education. As our second century begins, we will continue to stay ahead of the changing landscape.

The Changing Higher Education Landscape

Students walking on campus

Student populations are evolving

  • There are fewer "traditional" undergraduate and master's students
  • Students are coming from more diverse backgrounds and geographies
  • More students are transferring in and out of colleges

Students' needs and expectations are changing

  • They require more personalization and flexibility 
  • They need different support systems
  • They think more about social responsibility
Bentley students working at an employer
Interns working in a modern office

The work world after college is different

  • Employers have higher expectations for entry-level jobs
  • Technology skills are assumed, even in entry-level jobs
  • Graduates need collaborative and creative skills to differentiate themselves
  • Education doesn't stop at graduation; there is a need for lifelong learning

Higher education is more competitive than it used to be

  • There are not enough undergraduate and master's students to sustain all existing universities
  • Agility and differentiation are critical for universities to succeed
  • Analytics are key to understand the changing market
Wide angle photo of the Bentley library

Our 4 Strategic Assets

Students and a professor in a classroom

1. A Transformative Undergraduate Student Learning Experience

Goal: We will develop an immersive student learning experience that is highly innovative, distinctive in content and pedagogy, and that develops mindsets and skills that prepare students to be lifelong learners.


Career Fair

2. Fully Integrated Corporate Relations

Goal: We will design a suite of mutually beneficial, monetized partnerships with companies that harness the full capabilities of Bentley and our faculty through continued career services support as well as expanded corporate engagement and collaboration.

Instructor at the board

3. Distinctive Focal Points of Excellence

Goal: We will define and enhance Bentley's centers, institutes and labs, which have deep connections with industry-leading organizations and other universities, to become internationally known places where research and instruction are mastered and developed. 


    Grad Student

    4. A New Vision for Mastery

    Goal: We will create an adaptable, market-responsive and profitable portfolio of graduate-level and professional instruction designed to promote lifelong learning among participants, whether they are new to the workforce or industry veterans. 

    Our Approach

    In collaboration with the entire Bentley community, here is how we will achieve these goals.


    Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

    We will foster a community that not only supports but celebrates differences, recognizing that each person brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives on the world. 

    Promote a Positive Organizational Culture 

    We will build a positive culture, enabling the university to attract and retain diverse, talented and productive faculty and staff who are fully engaged. 

    Maintain Long-term Fiscal Health 

    We will remain financially stable and develop new resources so we can invest in and support the financial needs of the university's strategic goals.

    Adopt New Technology and Data Analytics

    We will embrace innovative technology that improves teaching, learning, research and student life and enables the university to stay ahead of emerging trends.

    Unite Behind a Strong Brand 

    We will share Bentley's story with the world by uniting behind a compelling brand, developing clear and consistent messaging and equipping stakeholders with the tools they need.