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Vision for Diversity at Bentley

Our vision is to create an institution in which people do not experience barriers because of aspects of their identity unrelated to their performance. This is a central reason for our diversity work. Three additional goals drive this effort:

To truly educate all of our students: The recognition that diversity is a business imperative for the 21st century lies at the heart of our concern with diversity. As the workforce in the United States becomes increasingly diverse and the economy becomes more global, we must address these issues if we are to fulfill our responsibilities to all of our students. Our graduates cannot be successful if they are unprepared to work with a wide variety of people.

To maintain our institutional viability: Broadening the pool from which we attract our students, faculty and staff promises to increase our quality. Especially as the groups from which we have traditionally drawn our people represent a smaller proportion of the population, adding people of color, women, international citizens and people from underrepresented groups will contribute to our long-term viability.

To enhance our organizational effectiveness: As we become more diverse, we must also increase our ability to work effectively across differences if we are to fully utilize all of our available resources. Our increasing diversity offers additional opportunities, but it also presents significant challenges. Ultimately, the goal is to create an institution in which all of us can fulfill our potential. To meet this goal it is particularly important that members of the Bentley community who are “in the majority” develop their effectiveness in relation to diversity.