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Academic Administration

Bentley's distinctive cross-disciplinary education would not be possible without strong academic leadership. The offices of the Provost, the Registrar and Academic Services all work closely together with the deans of Business and Arts and Sciences and other members of the administration to provide crucial connections and thought leadership. The Dean's Council engages faculty and staff throughout Bentley to create and foster great pedagogy and research.

Interim Co-Provosts Daniel L. Everett (Dean of Arts and Sciences) and Roy (Chip) Wiggins III (Dean of Business) are the chief academic officers of the university, responsible for overall strategy, administration, and management of academic programs and services.

The Co-Provosts oversee:

  • faculty member employment
  • teaching and research activities
  • budgeting and resource allocation
  • academic program planning, development and evaluation
  • academic strategic plans, insuring coordination with the institution's overall mission
  • the operations of all departments within academic affairs

The Co-Provosts administer the academic division and implements strategy through the Deans‘ Council, which is responsible for academic policy-making, planning, and goal-setting, faculty selection, retention, evaluation, support, development, and morale, and fiscal planning and execution.

Dean’s Council members:

  • Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean of Business
  • Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Dean for Business Programs