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Academic Excellence

Founded in 1917 as the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance, Bentley University places vital emphasis on the quality of its faculty as dedicated teacher-scholars/scholars. Academics across all departments are committed to establishing effective teaching and learning relationships with students both inside and outside the classroom, while simultaneously pursuing scholarly research agendas that contribute to knowledge and that support the University’s teaching mission.

The symbiotic relationship between teaching and scholarship that informs Bentley’s education agenda today dates back to the founder of the institution, Harry C. Bentley, who was known to repeatedly exhort his faculty to “teach like hell from bell to bell” as well as for his commitment to the idea that “honesty and intelligence must be combined to eliminate errors voluntarily or unintelligently made”. That dedication to excellence in teaching built on informed thinking and rigorous reflection remains just as strong today.

Academic excellence in the classroom and in research is recognized annually at the University’s Commencement ceremonies. The Gregory H. Adamian Award for Teaching Excellence is given by the University President to a faculty member who possesses exceptional mastery of his or her discipline, who challenges students to the fullest degree while displaying exceptional interest and concern for students and their work, and who serves as an inspiration for academic colleagues. The Bentley University Scholar of the Year Award is given by the University Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs to a faculty member with a distinguished record of scholarly achievement in his or her discipline combined with a significant current level of output. Both awards are given on the basis of nominations received and supported by the Bentley Teaching and Scholarly Affairs Committee.

In addition to the Commencement Awards, the University recognizes specific teaching and scholarship achievements every year through its Innovation in Teaching Awards and Publication Awards. These awards are given in recognition of specific discrete contributions that may include such activities as developing an innovative course or pedagogical approach, or the publication of a specific article or scholarly book. These awards are made by the Bentley Teaching and Scholarly Affairs Committee on the basis of nominations received.

Educating students to be effective and creative leaders in a complex global environment is central to Bentley’s mission. We are pleased to acknowledge the achievements of the Faculty members listed here. They are exemplars of the talent that enables the University to continue to achieve on its mission for the direct benefit of our students and for the wider benefit of the societies they and we seek to serve.