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Student Opportunities

We offer numerous opportunities on campus to give you the means to become actively involved within the literary and media industries in the Boston area and beyond. The department coordinates and sponsors a number of campus events, including The Forum for Creative Writing, the International Film Series, the Black Maria Film Festival Tour, and Media Workshops, as well as conferences, film festivals, film screenings, and guest speaker events.


We also provide career counseling and provides numerous internship information and opportunities to prepare you to enter fields that require both creative and business skills, including:

  • Media production
  • Film distribution
  • Sound design
  • Media advertising
  • Film editing
  • Media finance
  • Digital archiving
  • Game design
  • Entertainment law
  • Motion graphics design
  • Media management
  • Screenwriting
  • Media policy analysis
  • Journalism
  • Lighting design
  • Media marketing
  • Publishing
  • Professional writing

Students in our programs have interned or currently work for such companies as Dreamworks Studios, Amblin Entertainment, MTV Networks, Allen & Gerritsen, Spike TV Digital, Arnold Worldwide, Dick Clark Productions, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Marvel Comics, Charlesbridge Publishing, WGBH, Picture Park, Mark Jacobs, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Fox News, CBS News, NBC Universal, Sony Music Entertainment, General Electric, and the Cannes International Film Festival an L.A. Intensive Internship Programs offered by the American Pavilion, among others. For more information on student internships, contact Elizabeth LeDoux, internship coordinator, at or 781.891.2961.

Student Organizations

Faculty also advise a number of student organizations that produce and promote student work:

Literary Society

The Literary Society is a student organization that meets weekly to read members’ creative work and to talk about literature and the arts. And editorial board of Literary Society members reads submissions to PIECEWORK, Bentley's literary magazine, and designs and produces a new issue every year. Other activities include a book club, meetings with visiting writers, and field trips to literary events.

Bentley Student Television

Bentley Student Television-Channel 3 (BS-TV) provides a platform that allows Bentley students at all levels to produce and manage their own television shows. The channel promotes official Bentley activities, as well as informal student interactions within the Bentley student community and beyond. BS-TV positions itself as a university-wide resource that caters to the interests of every department, organization, and activity on campus.

Bentley Film Club

The Bentley Film Club is a student-run organization dedicated to the creation, production, and screening of student films. The Film Club is open to all, and new members are encouraged to join.

Bentley Student Gaming Association

The Bentley Student Gaming Organization (BSGO) brings together a variety of students who share a love of interactive entertainment and offers them the opportunity to participate in advanced forms of video gaming. The goal of BSGO is to foster an environment where players can socialize and network with each other, both electronically and in reality. We host multiplayer games every week and tournaments at the conclusion of each semester. We work to obtain site-licenses and to make deals with video game companies in order to provide students access to less expensive software.