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Undergraduate Degrees

Global Studies Major

A major in Global Studies offers students the knowledge, perspectives, and analytical skills needed to navigate our increasingly globalized world. Most jobs require an understanding of complex international economic, political, and cultural interactions. Combining an interdisciplinary Global Studies degree with a Business Studies major or minor thus positions students for dynamic careers in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.

A Global Studies major offers further opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our study abroad programs, managed through the Cronin Office of International Education, offers short-term and semester-abroad opportunities to countries including, most recently, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Peru, and Morocco.

All arts and science majors, including Global Studies, must be proficient in a modern foreign language up to the intermediate level. The Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) supports this with informal language opportunities, live video and computer conferencing, a multimedia library of instructional materials, and access to international satellite broadcasting to enhance classroom learning.

Global Studies emphasizes the importance of “hands-on” learning programs, such as internationally-focused internships, model United Nations programs, and service-learning opportunities. The department regularly hosts visits from United States Department of State representatives to provide information to students about foreign service careers. The Department of Global Studies also encourages students to apply to the prestigious Fulbright US Student Program, which provides small grants to study, research, or teach abroad.  


You must complete the following courses to fulfill the Global Studies major:

  • GLS 101 Globalization
  • 1 course from GLS 110 - 119
  • 2 GLS courses at the 200 level or above
  • 3 GLS electives
  • 1 Economics elective selected from the following:
    EC 311, EC 315, EC 321, EC 331, EC 333

The Global Studies major also requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor.
All Arts and Science majors must be proficient in a modern language up to the intermediate level

International Experience

Global Studies majors are required to study abroad for a semester or the equivalent in short term programs, internships, or other experience approved by the department. The global experience requirement allows you to become acquainted with another culture, expand global perspectives and support modern language studies.


Major Advisor:

Sean McDonald

Morison 206


Public Policy Major

The realm of public policy encompasses virtually all aspects of contemporary society: economic development, financial markets, health care, education, poverty, crime, the environment, technology, national security and immigration. These complex, and often connected, issues demand rich and sophisticated understanding of governmental institutions, and the motivations of political actors and other stakeholders in a global political environment.

The development of public policy almost always involves nongovernmental (NGO) institutions and actors. Businesses, nonprofit and NGOs, interest groups, academic and legal experts, and the public all play a role in shaping public policy priorities, the public discourse about those priorities, implementation of public policies and the evaluation of policy outcomes.

A variety of applied learning and internship opportunities complement the classroom experience. These opportunities allow students to further their mastery of conceptual and analytical material while expanding their professional network. They include:

  • The Washington Center Program, which allows students to spend a semester working and studying (for course credit) in Washington D.C.
  • Experience working in a state or national public policy consulting agency
  • A variety of opportunities in state and local government, including internships at the Massachusetts State House and work on political campaigns
  • Internships in private businesses’ government affairs offices and with international organizations 


You must complete eight courses to fulfill the Public Policy major. Three of these are required:

  • GLS 101 Globalization
  • GLS 230 Politics and Public Policy
  • GLS 405 Seminar in Government

In addition, you must choose three GLS electives from GLS 200 - 499

You may choose your remaining two  courses that fit your own interest and are among approved classes in political science and global studies, law, economics, sociology, or other areas in consultation with the major advisor. 

 A Public Policy major must complete an experiential learning experience, such as a semester internship program in Washington DC or other approved internship

The Public Policy major also requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor
All  Arts and  Science majors must be proficient in a modern language up to the intermediate level


Major Advisor:

Rob Deleo

Morison 274


Liberal Studies Major

Global Perspectives Concentration

The Liberal Studies major concentration in Global Studies provides students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with opportunities to explore diverse people, societies and cultures, and connect them with today’s business standards and practices.


Major Advisor
Asbed Kotchikian
Morison 210