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Faculty Research

Professor Cyrus Veeser is working on two projects: the first, the history of economic concessions to American and European companies by governments around the world; the second, a new interpretation of the emergence of American diplomatic and economic power after World War I.

Associate Professor Chris Beneke is researching new areas of American religious history including the history of religious tolerance and intolerance and the history of blasphemy.

Associate Professor Bridie Andrews is working on new articles about the history of medicine in China.

Associate Professor Angma Jhala is completing her third book on Muslim-Buddhist relations in Eastern India.

Associate Professor Cliff Putney is completing a book on the history of Bentley University for the centennial celebration in 2017.

Assistant Professor Sung-eun Choi is working on a new project on French cooperation and economic development schemes in Madagascar in the 1960s.

Dr. Leonid Trofimov is working on two volumes: the first a study of Russian media; the second, an edited volume of primary documents and critical analysis of post-Civil War Russia.

Department Chair, Professor Marc Stern, is continuing his study of the fitness industry in the United States and conflict between for-profit and not-for-profit fitness centers.