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Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

Susan Adams

Professor Susan Adams studies careers of women and prominent leaders, organizational change and gender equality. She and Bentley colleagues Patricia Flynn and Toni Wolfman share an instructive, strategic model for placing more women on corporate boards in the Journal of Management Inquiry (“Orchestrating the demise of all male boards”, April, 2015). In another proscriptive, action-oriented article, “Breaking Down Barriers,” (Handbook of Gendered Careers: Getting In, Getting On, Getting Out, Eds., Adelina Broadbridge and Sandra Fielden, 2015), Professor Adams reviews women’s career barriers and change models that can be employed to advance more women to leadership positions. A study about the gender wage gap that she conducted with Bentley colleagues John Leeth and Atul Gupta (Gender in Management: An International Journal, 25(5), 366-385, 2010) extends the conversation regarding the complexity of the gender wage gap by examining the relationship between gender-dominated industries and salaries by gender.


Nader Asgary

Professor Nader Asgary’s scholarly activities focus on international business, ethics, and economics.  He is co-author of the paper entitled “Toward a Model for International Business Ethics, Journal of Business Ethics,” Vol. 36, No. 3, 239-247.




Jill Brown

Professor Jill Brown studies strategic leadership, and specifically the areas of corporate governance, ethics and social responsibility. Her recently published article, "CSR and Stakeholder Theory: A Tale from Adam Smith" in the Journal of Business Ethics (2013, 112: 301-312) addressed the question of how companies should morally prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and stakeholder claims.  Two recent studies in Organization Science (forthcoming) and the Journal of Business Ethics (2014) address governance and stakeholder issues in health care and global supply chains. Her latest projects with co-author Ann Buchholtz (Rutgers U) address recent efforts to enact corporate governance reform to shift the balance of power from boards of directors to shareholders. They have a forthcoming book chapter on this theme, "Shareholder democracy as a misbegotten metaphor" in Shareholder Empowerment (Eds. M. Goranova & L. Ryan), New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.


Tony Buono

Professor Tony Buono studies inter-organizational strategy, organizational change, management consulting, and ethics and social responsibility. As Bentley’s liaison for the United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, his co-authored article “Moving on From Rio” (Global Focus, 2013, 7 (3), 16-19) examines outcomes and progress from the 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit. He is currently assessing further developments aligned with the UN’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the UNGC’s LEAD initiative.


Cynthia Clark

Professor Cynthia Clark’s research is designed to contribute to understanding the rights and responsibilities of the firm and how various practices and procedures can complement or compromise these.  Her setting for this inquiry is the governance of the firm and the capital markets in general. In a recent article titled “Multinational Corporations and Governance Effectiveness:  Towards a More Integrative Board”, appearing in the Journal of Business Ethics (2014) and written with Bentley colleague Jill Brown, she explored how new expectations for MNC boards call to question how they might effectively manage global stakeholder relationships in this new era of accountability.  In another related research context, she considers the practices of boards of directors in an environment where shareholder activism is on the rise and board accountability is in high demand. She and Bentley doctoral student Jenna Burke, explore ways that firms answer these demands through fostering direct engagement with the board of directors, reducing the proxy voting conflicts of interest and issuing more integrated reporting on corporate strategy and policy. 


Pat Flynn

Professor Patricia Flynn’s scholarly activities focus on corporate governance, the innovation economy, and gender equality. With Bentley colleagues Susan Adams and Toni Wolfman, she co-authors The Boston Club’s annual Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of MA Public Companies. Her most recent article in the governance area is “Orchestrating the Demise of All-Male Boards,” in the Journal of Management Inquiry, (April 2015). Pat is currently conducting research on the boards and directors of the largest 25 mutual fund families. She has served on the board of Columbia Funds for the past 10 years. 


Joe Weiss

Professor Weiss’s work focuses on leadership, business ethics, technology and change management. His 6th edition of Business Ethics, A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach (2014, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler) integrates ethics and corporate social responsibility with leadership, employee management, environmental issues, and globalization.  He empirically examines technology issues using ethical perspectives in

“Universal Broadband: An Analysis of Global Stakeholders and the Pursuit of the Common Good,” with Bentley colleagues David Yates and Jeff Gulati in the International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy, 2010, 1 (2), 25-43, and also with these co-authors in the working paper, “Affordable Broadband: Bridging the Global Digital Divide in Developed and Developing Countries, A Social Justice Approach” (forthcoming, 2014).