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Core Members

Joel Deichmann   
Associate Professor, Global Studies

Abdolreza Eshghi
Professor, Marketing

Dominique Haughton
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Mingfei Li
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Heikki Topi
Professor, Computer Information Systems

Current Members

Mystica Alexander
Assistant Professor, Law, Taxation and Financial Planning

Moinak Bhaduri
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Dhaval Dave
Stanton Research Professor, Economics
Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research

Atul Gupta
Professor, Finance

Piaomu Liu
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Victor S.Y. Lo
Visiting Research Fellow, Bentley University
Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Omer Nadirler,
Principal Consultant, SNA-Consulting, Istanbul, Turkey

Mert Pur,
Analytics Consultant, SNA-Consulting, Istanbul, Turkey

David Oury
Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

Maria Skaletsky
Research Consultant II,
Academic Technology Center

Jason Wells
Senior Instructional and Research Technology Manager
Academic Technology Center

David Wright
Vice President, Architecture
Kronos Incorporated

Samuel Woolford
Professor, Mathematical Sciences


Past and Current Graduate Student Research Assistants

Dong(Alex) Wang, MSBA, Bentley University (Fall 2016)

Xiaoyan Liu, MSBA, Bentley University (Fall 2017)

Qi Xu, MSBA, Bentley University (Fall 2018)